Ground-Fighting Vol 1 DVD


The Ground Is A Dangerous Place!

Can you fight to your feet from the flat of your back? Can you deal with an attacker seated on your chest, punching you in the head? Can you access and protect your weapons while fighting in the dirt? If you are knocked to the ground while defending yourself, can you still get the job done?

Let our Ground-Fighting Volume 1 DVD teach you how today!

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Fighting on the ground is a common and extremely dangerous scenario. In fact, more than half of the fights that occur during a criminal attack will end up on the ground. Whether you are knocked down, tackled by an aggressor or simple stumble and fall during the chaos of an attack, you need to know how to fight when you end up on the pavement.

Designed specifically for those that practice Concealed Carry, this DVD will cover escaping bad positions, moving and countering and getting back to your feet, and how to safely access your weapons on the ground.

At over an hour long and loaded with extras, Combatives for Concealed Carry: Ground-Fighting Volume 1 will give you skills to prevail when things go to the ground.

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