Combatives for Concealed Carry: Ground Fighting

The purpose of this course is to familiarize and train armed civilians and concealed carry permit holders in the basic movements of ground fighting for the most common dominant and non-dominant grounded positions. Students will be taught proper defensive postures, escapes, transitions, principles of movement, weapons access and protection, strikes, defense against strikes, verbal commands and Legal Use of Lethal Force principles. Students will also be offered the opportunity to assess their new skills against resisting role players in a controlled environment.

2 days (16-20hrs)

Required Equipment:

Ground Fighting

  • One (1) Open Mind and a firm understanding of firearms safety.
  • Inert training gun of exact or very similar type to student’s carry gun (Blue-Guns, ASP or Blackhawk. No Airsoft). There will be no live fire in this course.
  • Holster or method of carry for training gun that closely replicates student’s normal means of carry. “Off Body” carry methods are discouraged.
  • Comfortable “street clothes” to train in, including any applicable cover garments and comfortable shoes.
  • Means of taking notes
  • Water, Snacks
  • Fitted Mouth-guard is recommended