Combatives For Carry

What is Combatives for Concealed Carry?

Drawing from the competition tested disciplines of Jujitsu, Greco-Roman Wrestling and Muay Thai, as well as from the battle-proven combative techniques of the US military, Combatives for Concealed Carry gives you the hand-to-hand skills necessary to defend against attack long enough to safely and effectively transition to a weapon, as well has how to use that weapon to devastating effect in close quarters.

If attacked, can you access your weapon without having it taken from you? Can you control an attacker long enough to employ your weapon or escape? If your weapon malfunctions in a hand-to-hand encounter, do you know your options and how to employ them? Can you fight your way to your weapon in the clinch, against a wall, on the ground, with an attacker on top of you or clinging to your back? These are the dire situations Combatives for Carry will address.