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Combatives for Concealed Carry

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Specializing in Combatives for Concealed Carry and Integrated Approaches to Fighting







The words Gun-fighter, Knife-fighter, Ground-fighter and Fist-fighter all share one part: Fighter. We train fighters, whatever tools they use.

Specializing in Combatives for Concealed Carry of a Handgun or Knife, we teach Concealed Carry Permit Holders and Armed Civilians how to protect, access, and fight with, their tools. There is far more to Concealed Carry training that just passing your state requirements, getting your CCW in the mail and strapping on a handgun. You need also need the skill to access and control your weapon in an Extreme Close Quarters incident.

Drawing from the competition tested disciplines of Jiu-jitsu, Greco-Roman and Catch-Wrestling, and Muay Thai, as well as from the battle-proven combative techniques of the US military, Combatives for Concealed Carry gives you the hand-to-hand skills necessary to defend against attack long enough to safely and effectively transition to a weapon, as well has how to use that weapon to devastating effect.

Our Combatives for Concealed Carry program will teach you the invaluable skills of In-Fight-Weapons-Access, Clinch Fighting, Ground-Fighting (Grappling), Striking and how to effectively use your Handgun, Knife or other tools in Extreme Close Quarters.

Whether you are training for combat, self-defense, or just to augment you concealed carry skillset, Mad Science Defense is dedicated to giving you the skills you need for the tools you have. We have trained Competition Fighters, Armed Civilians and the Warriors of our Armed Forces, as well as those of our Allies.

We know that victory is the product of preparation.

We would be honored to help prepare you.

We are actively seeking new training opportunities.

If you are interested in hosting a Seminar, please Contact Us.

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What others are saying

  • Mr. White is a consummate professional who is very passionate about what he does…
    and is relied upon for his vast knowledge during the classes.

    MSG P.J.F.
  • As a deployed soldier to Afghanistan, I want to recognize you for the volunteer training hours with combatives you provided to the Soldiers at Fort Leavenworth. Your Mixed Martial Arts experience as a competitor and coach plus knowledge in self-defense is beneficial for our deployed soldiers. This training gives our Soldiers confidence and skills to face unknown adversaries.

    LTC Michael P.
  • As the OIC of the 2011 Ft Leavenworth Combatives Team, I want to personally thank you for your dedication and commitment to help train our Soldiers with combatives instruction.

    MAJ M.D.P.